Discover the Best Mobile Online Slots Apps & Games

Before looking at some of the best mobile online slots apps and games, it might help to know that you are not alone in your quest to explore some of the most thrilling ways to spend time on your mobile device. Consider for a moment just how video gaming has exploded in the past couple of years and you’ll know why mobile games and apps have taken the world by storm. Are you looking for something to do on the long commute to and from work on public transport, or during those boring nights when it seems like there’s nothing left to do? Why not discover for yourself just how much fun you can have with mobile online slots games – and win a bit of extra cash while you’re at it as well!

Here’s What Statista Has to Say

Going back to the year 2012, mobile users spent an average of 107 minutes online. In 2017, that number had more than doubled and the average mobile user spent a total of 223 minutes in online pursuits. While those numbers vary from country to country, the US and UK have similar statistics and one thing is clear in both countries, much of that time is spent in game rooms with approximately 25% of the time on apps downloaded for their devices. One of the newest types of apps which mobile users are enjoying would be a wide array of mobile slotsapps which are free to download and offer the same viewing pleasure as the larger versions meant for PCs. Check out sites like Slots Calendar to see which apps you can download for your device (iOS or Android) and then you can register as a new player to join the fun.

Some of the Most Popular Slots Games

You will find that some mobile slots are based on traditional slots machines while others are themed by season, books or popular video games. Check out Halloween Jack during the autumn months and things like Romanov Riches or The Curious Cabinet any time of year. Looking for a superhero themed slots game? Why not download and play Iron Girl (based on the superhero movie series)? There are so many choices to choose from and each game gives you a chance to win with each ‘pull’ of the lever. Of course, after you’ve used any signup bonuses, you may need to make a deposit to the casinos you join, but at a few pennies per game, isn’t it an affordable way to pass the time on the train instead of watching other bored commuters wishing they were anywhere else but on their way to or from work?

Just remember, mobile video slots are developed with the mobile user in mind, so what you see will be viewed well on small smartphone screens and on tablets, netbooks or notebooks. That’s what makes mobile slots so exciting! You don’t need to wait until you arrive home to join in the fun. Get the right app for your device and you can be spinning away no matter where you are. Isn’t that a great way to round out a horrid day at the office? You bet it is!

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